Why do I have pimples around the mouth and chin?


why do i have acne around the mouth and chin?

A common thing

Most individuals have experienced the inconvenience of pimples or acne throughout their lives. This may have begun during their adolescent period, may have been brought on due to poor hygiene or even a result of too much oil in certain areas (the face, the back and the upper part of the chest are all prone to this). Too many pimples may lead to severe outbreaks, which if left untreated, will eventually result to what is known as acne vulgaris.. or simply, acne.

You might be wondering, “Why do I have pimples around the mouth and chin?” If you suffer from this problem you are probably not aware of what exactly causes the acne in the mouth area. Most people are aware that facial skin is made up of pores that secrete a substance called sebum. By keeping the skin moist, this prevents it from getting dry and flaky. If there is too much secretion of sebum, however, your face will naturally become too oily and the natural processes that usually keep your face protected begin to work against you.

Too much oil on your face causes your skin’s pores to be blocked. As excess sebum is trapped within these pores, it creates an environment ripe for bacterial growth. When bacteria are allowed to flourish on your skin, this will trigger an inflammatory reaction. This will ultimately lead to the formation of acne.

The link to fungus

Pimples around the mouth may also be brought on due to a fungal infection. Most people have candida fungus present in their mouth. This is a normal thing and its balance is usually kept in check by the presence of other bacteria and microorganisms that coexist with our bodies. If the balance between the yeast, bacteria and microorganism is not maintained, however, the growth of the candida fungus will accelerate, resulting in what is known as a mouth yeast infection. This infection might cause mouth acne outbreaks in the form of pimples and their evil cousins, blackheads and whiteheads.


Common methods to treat the mouth and chin area

There are many methods you may employ straight away to combat your pimples around the mouth. Here are several ways you should go about starting the process:

  • Consume at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily as this can effectively reduce skin problems, like acne rosacea.
  • Mix two tablespoons of baking soda into two cups of warm water and apply the mixture to the affected parts of the face. Make sure to pay close attention to areas around the mouth and nose. This will help you soften the skin in those areas and reduce the size of the mouth acne.
  • If you are breaking out and you feel it is due to too much oil or sebum secretion in your face, you may want to try a method to reduce the amount of oil present. Mud packs can help you unclog pores and get rid of dirt, pollutants and other skin irritants that might cause mouth acne. Apply a mud pack onto your face for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • A mixture of sandalwood and rosewater can also help you get rid of your mouth acne. By applying a thick paste of this mixture onto your face for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water, it can actually absorb excess oils from your face, thereby preventing your pores from getting clogged. This is also the best way of getting rid of those acne scars.


Yeast infections can cause it in some instances

If you think you are having mouth acne due to a yeast infection, you should concentrate on treating the yeast infection first. As always, before proceeding with the treatment, it is best to check with a healthcare professional to make sure you have self-diagnosed correctly. Once you are certain that this is the main cause of your mouth acne, here are several treamouth and chin pimplestment that you may try:


  • Antifungal medications in the form of liquids, lozenges and tablets may be recommended by your doctor to treat a yeast infection. Nystatin is one of the most commonly medicated treatments for this type of infection and should be taken for about 2 weeks to completely cure the infection.
  • Application of plain yogurt can help you fight off the yeast and aid in the curing process.

One final tip

To avoid having mouth acne in the future, you should always maintain a healthy diet. Proper hygiene is a huge factor as well in helping prevent these kinds of skin aberrations. If you are experiencing mouth acne and you do not know what to do, please seek the counsel of a trusted dermatologist.