What are tongue pimples?


mouth pimples

A dear cousin to the mouth pimple

Tongue pimples are quite similar to mouth pimples. Everyone has experienced a form of them at one point or another. Whether it was a mild case akin to a canker sore or the real deal, tongue pimples are very irritating and can make everyday tasks a painful experience. People of any age group, including toddlers, may experience them.  When the pimple becomes severe, it tends to swell up and turn sore. If there is a pimple at the tip of your tongue, resist the urge to pop it—it may bring temporary comfort but in the end, the bacteria in it might spread within your mouth and this may in fact cause the condition to worsen.

Common causes

There are various reasons as to why a person gets tongue pimples:

  • If you notice a sudden outbreak of pimples on your tongue, you might have eaten something to cause an allergic reaction.  This is usually a reaction of the body when the system is trying to push germs out onto the skin’s surface.
  • If the skin of your tongue is clogged with dirt, this gives the germs a chance to set up a base in the skin’s pores leading to the formation of pimples.
  • Tongue pimples may be due to viruses too, especially if you are suffering from oral herpes or the common flu. These pimples will eventually disappear once the disease has been cured.
  • Tongue pimples may appear if the tongue gets irritated and inflamed due to a whole host of miscellaneous issues.
  • Consumption of crispy or hard foods or an accidental biting of the tongue may also cause trauma leading to pimple formation.
  •  Oral thrush or oral candidiasis may also cause your tongue to have white pimples in it. This is a tongue disease and one should consult with a physician immediately.

Those are the most common causes of tongue pimples. If you are suffering from any of these then you should know how to get rid of tongue pimples in the safest way possible. The problem in dealing with any situation in your mouth is that you can’t just go ahead and apply any topical ointment to it like the ones you are using on your face.  To make matters worse, physicians do not give medications for tongue pimples unless the condition is severe or merits special attention. Because of that, you should look toward home remedies.

Commonly used remedies

Here are a few examples of the most commonly used remedies when treating tongue pimples:

  • Chew fresh mint leaves before going to bed to reduce the size of the pimples by the next morning. Reducing the size of it will also reduce the feeling of discomfort, especially if the pimple is in close proximity to your teeth.


  • Gargle with mouth wash at least 2 to 3 times per day. This is often times the most recommended cure for tongue pimples as it does not only bring down the pain but can also prevent the pimples from spreading to other areas of the mouth. Mouth wash has components that can kill bacteria and can provide relief as well.
  • Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and applying it on your tongue can help you check for bacterial infections. Through this, you will be able to identify what causes the pimples and come up with an appropriate remedy for it.
  • To relieve the pain and reduce the soreness, use a cotton swab that is dipped in milk of magnesia and apply it to the affected area of your tongue at least 2 to 3 times per day.
  • Insufficient supply of vitamin B may also cause tongue pimples to breakout. To improve the condition, you may take vitamin B supplement for a week to help reduce the risk.

Watch your diet

You may prevent the formation of tongue pimples by eating a well-balanced diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables.  Also be sure to drink at least 8

to 10 glasses of water a day to flush out body toxins. Drinking water can also help you unclog the pores on the skin of

your tongue. You should also make gargling mouthwash a habit in order to prevent germs or bacteria from lingering. Avoid eating spicy or fatty foods, or anything that might cause allergies which will eventu

ally cause tongue pimples. You should also maintain general oral hygiene: that means brush your teeth multiple times a day after ever meal.

If the above mentioned home remedies were not able to cure or even lessen the pain, you should consult with your doctor immediately. Visit a physician and ask what the best course of action is. You should also inform your physician of the duration and frequency of these tongue pimples.  This may better help him come up with an appropriate diagnosis.