Medication for mouth pimples leads to bowel disease

Bad news for people who are using a specific drug for their mouth pimples.  A recent study conducted in Europe has discovered that the popular drug accutane used to treat poimples around the mouth has been linke to bowel disease.  This article here goes into more detail about it.

The latest human study, published most recently in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, found that isotretinoin when used to treat mouth acne made subjects roughly four times more likely than non-users to have ulcerative colitis but found no evidence that it was linked to Crohn's disease.

The research was lead by Dr. Seth D Crockett.  He analyzed nearly 9000 people on almost 90 different US health insurance carriers.  He compared instances of IBD in accutane users to people who were not using it and found that there is a cause-and-effect there that should be looked at in more detail at a later date.

Please be careful when using any medical treatment designed to help your mouth pimples.