How to wash your face properly


How to wash your face properly

You're just like everybody else

When we talk about how to wash one's face, the scene that comes to our mind is the typical lathering of soap and rinsing of water. But it should not be as simple as this: the reason behind acne lies in the way of cleaning your face. Cleaning it the wrong way will result in the unsightly eruption of mouth pimples (or pustules as they are called) around your mouth.

You've heard the adage that the simplest answer is often the right one--it is no different with skin care. There are a lot of beauty products that one might buy from the local drugstore which promises to alleviate acne breakouts, and these might work in the short-term. Proper washing of your face, however, can beat all of these products as washing is a classic and effective way of making your face clean and acne free.

Know your skin

The first thing you should know is the type of skin you have on your face. Then, one must choose proper wash products according to this type. The cleansing product selection for oily skin should not be the same for dry skin.

For dry skin, one should look for wash products with cocoa butter or glycerin. On the other hand, for oily skin, the product of choice should contain benzyl peroxide, citric acid or salicylic acid. For those with sensitive skin, products with Aloe Vera, almond oil or chamomile would be best for washing.

Also avoid selecting bar soaps and bar cleansers. The ingredients that keep these soaps and cleansers in bar form can actually clog one's pores, irritating the skin which leads tot he development of mouth pimples. Again, harsh soaps and cleansers strip off the skin's natural lipids, thus irritating the skin. This should be avoided at all costs.

In the process of washing face properly to prevent mouth pimple and acne, one should remember to remove dead skin cells as best as possible without damaging the skin. It should be kept in mind, however, that too much scrubbing will make one's skin dull and flaky. Abrasive facial pads and grainy facial scrubs should not be used to wash your skin. Try to find the perfect pressure appropriate for your skin sensitivity.

The Actual Process

Now let's talk about the physical process of washing one's face properly using the cleansing product that matches your skin type. First off, if your hair tends to fall on your face, it is best to put it back using a clip or hair band. Then, start the process by washing one's hands thoroughly. The last thing you want is to transfer germs and bacteria from one's hands to one's face. Fill a clean sink with warm water and wash your face. Apply a small amount of the cleanser to your hands and rub into both palms. Scrub your skin in circular motions making sure to spend the most time on your nose and chin as well as your lip area where your mouth pimples are concentrated. These areas are breeding grounds for blackheads. If blackheads are seen on the cheeks or forehead, then those areas should be scrubbed as well. Cover the whole face with the product about three times and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. It is better to avoid a face wash cloth as they often hold invisible bacteria, but if you find it easier to rinse with one then make sure that you use one that has been disinfected. Please don't rub or scrub your skin with a towel because that could damage your skin.

Next, with one's face completely clean, seal up your work by using a toner. A toner is designed to tighten pores and heal your skin. Always avoid those which contain alcohol. Alcohol has a drying effect and could strip too much oil from one's skin. Always pay attention to the ingredients.

Try a home remedy to sweeten the deal

A popular home remedy washing mouth pimples away is regular household honey. Washing your face and mouth in this way could put you one step ahead in preventing pimples. Honey has natural antibacterial properties when used as a facial mask. It can reduce bacteria on the face and help to reduce the size of pimples. Heat the honey in the microwave until it is warm. Next, mix it with milk or lemon or if you wish, leave it by itself. Some experts recommend adding some cinnamon in this mixture. There is a lot of variety in the preparation.

Simple apply it to your face and leave it either overnight if applied before bed or for fifteen minutes if you're in a rush. The natural properties of honey will exfoliate the skin. The addition of lemon juice in this mixture is important as this ingredient helps to clean the gunk out one's pores which is very necessary in pimple prevention. Only use honey to wash your affected areas once a week-anymore often could cause irritation.

Stay strong

Some people are so horrified with pimples that they fight back the urge to wash their face every hour. According to specialists, though, washing your face two or three times in a day is more than sufficient to prevent acne. 

As far as the best time, the natural choice is right before bed. Apply your cleanser of choice after removing your makeup. The habit of washing one's face two to three times a day is the easiest most effective way to battle mouth pimples-provided you follow this guide and do it correctly!