Acne Global Market Revenue Totals $2.8 Billion in 2009

Great news for you acne worriers out there!  The market for products related to acne and mouth pimples has been increasing at a steady pace.  What does that mean for the normal folk out there that suffer from pimples?  Simple!  With more money in the pool, there is much more opportunity for companies to get out there and innovate!


Coconut Oil Could Cure Mouth Pimples

It turns out that an article here talks about using coconut oil to cure acne and mouth pimples.  The treatment is based on lauric acid which is a component found in coconuts!

The research is being led by biomedical student Dissaya “Nu” Pornpattananangkul, who is developing a rather smart way to heal acne by transporting nano scale bombs filled with lauric acid, directly to the skin to deal with acne bacteria.


Acne patient care efficacy same whether online or in person

A new study finds that patients with acne who had online follow-up visits with their dermatologist had the same outcomes as patients who had in-office visits.

Breast milk ingredient may help mouth acne

An article from here details that breast milk may actually help prevent and cure mouth acne and pimples around the mouth:

Even celebrities suffer from mouth pimples!

This great article here details the story of Rihanna, who had at one time suffered from mouth pimples.  In this day in age of celebrity worship, it sometimes feels good to realize that even famous, rich and powerful individuals can sometimes suffer from the same bad things we "normal" folks do!  Just the mouthpiimples team dropping a quick line,  please read the article for her back story and some helpful hints!

Some home remedies for acne is dangerous

In the interest of helping our readers come to a safe conclusion as to what treatments they should use to fight their acne, we have found this specific article where home remedies can be bad for acne.  In it, a young girl and several other people they wrote about in this article all went online to try to find home remedies for acne.  As the article states, and we agree with this one hundred percent: most home remedies are bogus.  There are those o

Medication for mouth pimples leads to bowel disease

Bad news for people who are using a specific drug for their mouth pimples.  A recent study conducted in Europe has discovered that the popular drug accutane used to treat poimples around the mouth has been linke to bowel disease.  This article here goes into more detail about it.

The common misconceptions about pimples in the mouth

Happy Friday.

Our team of writers put up another piece this morning about pimples in the mouth.  You can find it here.  Have a great weekend! Team

Neutrogena helps for pimples, says review panel

The folks over at Australians over at bella sugar blog have setup a reader review panel that tested four Neutrogenia solutions to combat pimples around the mouth:

  • Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™
  • Power-Cream Wash
  • Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™ Power-Clear Scrub

The reviews are hit and miss.. some like them, some don't.  It's definitely worth a read if you're looking for a new acne product for your mouth area.

Plastic surgery for acne scar treatment?

I read an article here about how some teens have such bad acne scars they have to resort to plastic surgery!  We think it's horrible that young people have to go through such a thing.  We hope you will read some of our basic prevention techniques like "How to wash your face properly" that we did recently, and other articles to hopefully prevent having to get plastic surgery for the pimples around your mouth.

As always, best to you and yours.

-Artie Brown

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