Winter times is one of the harshest of the seasons where there is a lot of sickness spreading. This is also the time where you are going to get dry skin which can be annoying. Another most annoying part of cold weather is a lip pimple. Lip pimples can be a bit annoying. There are many questions that pop up when you have these pimple. Keep reading to know more.

Lip pimples

If you did not know, the border of the lips contains high number of oil glands which can be the best place where the these pimples can pop up. These glands can be blocked and sometimes gets trapped which can be the reason for those pesky pimples to pop up. Most of the times it is a white spot which can sometimes look red, tender and inflamed.


The difference between a lip pimple and a cold sore

The cold sore is a skin infection which is caused by herpes virus. You can easily find out the difference between the cold sore or a lip pimple just before it starts to pop. It is possible that you can see an itchy feeling on the lip before a cold sore pops up. It typically takes a week to clear up this pimple. If you are infected by this virus. It is easier to heal but can still be stores in your nerves.

Lip products and lip pimples

Applying anything heavy on the lips can cause risk of your lips developing the risk of pimples. These pimples can also be caused due to your hormones. It is always a better idea that you remove any product that you apply on your lips as soon as possible.

lip pimples

Best steps to take care of your lips

If there is a lip pimple on your lips treat it as any other pimple. Try to not pick it unless you want to have a scab on your face. Visit your dermatologist to help ensure that you do not have a cold sore. If you want to use a product to reduce the appearance mix salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hydrocortisone cream and treat the pimple with it.

Best ways to prevent lip acne

There are many ways to help prevent lip acne. The first is to prevent overdrawing your lips and try to remove any makeup as soon as possible. Try to keep this tip in mind especially during summer season. Also wash you face regularly with a face wash which has salicylic acid cleanse which can help remove any excess oil and also exfoliate at the same time to a clear skin and lips.